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Sunday, 01 December 2002

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Ultimate Loudspeakers (Over $10,000)
CD Players - Digital
High End Loudspeakers ($2,000 to $10,000)
DVD Players (DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-R)
Loudspeakers Under $2,000
SACD Players
Power Amps
Other AV Sources
Multi-Channel Amps
AV Preamps
AC Power
Two Channel Preamps
EQ (digital and analog)


AVRev.com's "Best Of 2002" List
The Best High-Performance Audio/Video Equipment You Can Buy

What an incredible year it has been for audio/video! Despite the prolonged U.S. recession, the A/V industry has been cranking out new and better technology at a breakneck rate. This is good news for the new additions to the AudioRevolution.com Best of 2002 list and bad news for the products that have lost their listings. Many items that have been dropped from the list are excellent products that are no longer current. Others are just not up to new standards set by new competitors. It is important to note that there are a few winners for which reviews have been written but have yet to be published. You’ll have to take our word for it until the reviews run in a month or two – they rock.

Audio Product of the Year
Mark Levinson No. 32

Affordable Audio Product of the Year
Rocket Loudspeakers by Onix
Home Theater Product of the Year
Anthem AVM 20

Affordable Theater Product of the Year
Marantz RC5200 Remote Control


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