Oasis - Be Here Now 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 26 August 1997

Be Here Now,
Epic Records
|Performance 8 Sound 8

Listen to this album once, and you'll be humming the catchy riffs and choruses to yourself for days. It's what has made Oasis the reigning kings of rock/pop today: addictive tracks; and it's this trademark which is demonstrated better than ever in their third release, 'Be Here Now.' The brothers Gallagher have combined ingredients from their previous two albums, using more dense, heavily layered guitar and drums (reminiscent of 1994's 'Definitely Maybe') while holding onto the blatantly pop elements that permeated their breakthrough 1995 release 'What's The Story (Morning Glory).' What finally surfaces on 'Now' is a sound that proves to be quite accessible and that should attract more radio listeners even if it's at the risk of sacrificing some hardcore Oasis fans.

As for their sound, O.K., they still whine and their lyrics still contain little meaning. They still shamelessly bite off The Beatles (lines like "fool on the hill," "the long and winding road," "let it be," and "helter skelter" can all be found throughout 'Be Here Now') and they've even shown some unfortunate Bon Jovi-esque influence in the near-western track 'Fade In-Out,' on which Johnny Depp plays slide guitar. But the real question is has Oasis evolved as a band? Not really. Their music isn't changing much. They're still the same Oasis, up to their same old tricks. But is that enough? You can bet the purchasing power responsible for their albums going quadruple-platinum think it is. But using little more than their same old tricks I tend to wonder if Oasis can be here for much longer then just now.

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