Orbital - The Middle of Nowhere 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 08 June 1999

The Middle of Nowhere,
Rhino / Wea
| Performance 7.5 | Sound 8.5 |

Orbital is one of the most talented and under-promoted acts on the scene today. Their innovative melodic interpretations and fast moving and complex beats are frequently heard in many of the world’s most cosmopolitan clubs. This is not grind against the wall of speakers techno. It is more of a ‘thinking man’s techno,’ featuring inter-laid musical textures and deeply woven musical themes.

As for those of us who love to find new musical excursions for our high performance AV systems, consider Orbital’s The Middle of Nowhere a must have. I look at Orbital as a modern day Pink Floyd in that they meld technology and music to produce the most spacey and creative sounds out there.

The recording is excellent considering it is mostly effects, synths and obscure samples. It is not an airy ‘audiophile’ recording with ‘bloom in the mid-range’ and all of that jazz. Orbital’s The Middle of Nowhere is a shot of 104 octane fuel in your big horsepower system. It is perfect for in car listening on summer trips, bedroom background music (if you know what I mean) as well as pure audio space voyages. Don’t miss out on this record.

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