Orbital - In Sides 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Monday, 27 March 2006

Performance Quality = 8.5 Sound Quality = 6.5
Rhino / Wea

If you were to stick your head inside of the processor of your computer and hang out there for a while, this record is would be your soundtrack. Orbital are one of the most popular and perhaps the biggest crossover techno artists in music today. They have differentiated themselves from the mindlessness of most techno and ambient by attaching groovin' beats and catchy melodies into songs that people can digest.

"The box", the single from Insides, actually gets airplay on grove Radio and KROQ in Los Angeles. This record was perfect for my long train ride from Munich to Paris a few months ago. Its industrial feel and Dark Side of the Moon escapism is great for taking some time off from reality. I highly recommend this record for an avant guard, neuveau Pink Floyd trip to be used during an audiophile jam session, while cruising the net or breaking triple digits on the freeway

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