The Orb - U.F. Off: The Best of The Orb 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 17 November 1998

U.F. Off: The Best of The Orb,
Island Records Music
| Performance 8 | Sound 9 |

There must be something really funny about Minnie Riperton's "Loving You." You'll find it the central joke an excellent episode of the Comedy Central's cartoon series "South Park" as well as the driving melody of The Orb's techno standard "A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Center Of The Ultraworld." This cut features a remix by fellow electronica all-stars Orbital. The Orb chose to release many of their best cuts on this record as remixes or as alternative versions to the album version which appeals to fans like me who already own many of the studio albums.

"Little Fluffy Clouds" may sound familiar to those of you who are not yet hip to the musical stylings of The Orb. The cut's catchy Rickie Lee Jones sample is featured in one of the latest VW Beetle TV spots. Musically The Orb and the VW Bug have a lot in common. They are both way ahead of their time and use cutting edge designs to achieve a smooth unified result.

'The Best of The Orb' is loaded with trippy sonic voyages, interesting but mostly sampled melodies, and world class beats to create an electronic masterpiece. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that The Orb are the Pink Floyd of the 1990s. Their songwriting and composition isn't as good as Pink Floyd, but their psychedelica is worthy fuel for your high performance music system. With 2 CDs filled with the best, non-rehashed electronica money can buy, this album is worth the investment for the hardcore techno-electronica fan as well as anyone who is looking to blast off to new sonic worlds.

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