Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - The OMD Singles 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 24 November 1998

The OMD Singles, Virgin Records
| Performance 8.5 | Sound 7 |

Last month, for those of you still trying to recapture your youth through the magic of Glam-rock, The Audio Revolution brought you a review of Skid Row's Greatest Hits. Well, this month, for those of you who spent a good part of the '80's wearing a lot of black eye-liner and living knee-deep in the New Wave counter-culture, we bring you 'The OMD Singles.'

At first blush, you might look at the eighteen tracks included on this album and laugh. OMD couldn't have possibly had that many hits, after all there were other artists on the 'Pretty In Pink' soundtrack, right? Yes, this is true, but frightening as it may sound, there could easily be as many as twelve songs on here that you know all the words to, if not more.

What's ironic about OMD isn't that their music has (in some ways) held up so well, but rather that they have become so retro-chic. As the liner notes tell--and as those of us who listened to OMD way back when believed--their music was never intended to be for the pop charts. After all, they were writing songs about dropping bombs on Hiroshima ("Enola Gay") and Joan of Arc. Almost as odd as it is to hear all of these songs again--not to mention finding yourself singing along--is the fact that OMD (whose last album this is said to be) will probably be remembered as just another sell-out pop band. Exactly the kind of band they weren't back then, and for those of us who remember the truth, still aren't today.

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