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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 06 October 1998

The Soundtrack,
Virgin Records.
| Performance 4 | Sound 5 |

Can you name a sequel, which was released before the original, that was actually better than the original? If you said 'The Road Warrior' and 'Mad Max,' you're wrong ('Mad Max' was actually made before 'The Road Warrior,' but was re-released based on the success of 'The Road Warrior.' Good guess though). The only answer we could come up with is this album. 'Myst,' the highly successful video game was released a few years back and followed up by a game named 'Riven.' What's odd about this, is that the music for these games--both composed and produced by Robyn Miller--is being released backwards.

'Riven' had its soundtrack released a few months ago while 'Myst' ends up on shelves only now. Your guess is as good as ours as to why this is, but it does make for interesting conversation, and for a sucker-punch if you're not ready. Primarily because this soundtrack hardly compares to its sequel, if you know what we mean. Maybe a bigger budget and increased production value are to credit for 'Riven''s superior sound, but whatever the reason, 'Myst' hardly has the complexity and ambient flare one would expect especially after listening to its younger brother. If you're looking to relive the video game, this disc may be your answer, but if you're actually looking for interesting instrumental ambiance, we suggest you take a trip back to the future.

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