Billie Myers - Growing Pains 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 18 November 1997

Growing Pains
Universal Records
| Performance 7.5 | Sound 7 |

I know that there are times when you've gone into a record store and bought something 'just because.' Everyone's done it. You don't have a reason, why should you need one, it's your money, right? Well, that's how we ended up with this album. We thought, 'that looks interesting, someone get us that.' Thankfully, this turned out nothing like the experiment which netted us Vanilla Ice's Greatest Hits.

Hailing from England, Billie Myers' debut album is a celebration of education through both love and heartache. Myers' smoky voice, which at times conjures up images of ex-Yaz front-woman Alison Moyet, meshes perfectly with almost all of the numbers included. This shouldn't come as a complete shock as she co-wrote all of the songs, still some artists write much better for others than they do for themselves. Myers doesn't fall into that category, her blends of alternative/soul/R&B take chances and mostly succeed.

Songs to look for include 'Kiss The Rain,' and 'Please Don't Shout' while 'The Shark and The Mermaid,' is probably best suited to an introduction to the fast-forward button. Mixed and mastered well this album may find itself in heavy rotation on your system sooner than you think if you give it the chance.

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