Tom Vedvik - Sutra Spin 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 15 July 1997

Sutra Spin,
Cyber Octave Music.
Performance Quality = 7 Sound Quality = 7

The 'Electronica' gig; what is the deal with it and why is The Audio Revolution so with it? Well, we take drugs, a lot of them and lyrics really just seem to get in our way. What we really like are grooves, Sugar. Syrupy-sweet, spinning, loopy grooves. The kind that mix well with our drugs or that serve us well as background music. Yes, twenty times better than rock and fifty times better than radio, Electronica is akin to Classical in this background-sound regard. Just like Classical, you can have Electronica on virtually all the time.

Yet, unlike a good portion of Classical, most of Electronica, unless it's bad, won't put you to sleep. Tom Vedvik's second Electronica album 'Sutra Spin' is one of the quality examples of what's good about this whole Electronica vibe. Combining ambient grooves, East Indian instruments, and a heapin' helpin' of mixin' Tom gets it done on his well-recorded, well-mixed Sophomore effort. If you like the genre, you should dig this album. Sugar.

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