Various Artists - Nu York - Nu Skool, Vol. 2 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 08 June 1999

Nu York - Nu Skool 2, Sm:)e Communications
| Performance 7 | Sound 7 |

Subtitled, ‘East Coast Drum 'n' Bass Revelations,’ this album is not for everybody. In fact, it’s really only for the Drum and Bass lover. This is genre is really an acquired taste. Imagine it as the background score to a ‘90’s action film, moving, driving, but still underplayed; basically it’s upbeat ambient music. Almost lyricless with some sampling, this is an album designed around drums of every flavor. Where this album succeeds is that since it is a compilation, the variety continually refreshes what might otherwise stagnate and bore.

Surprisingly good recording quality for the genre, this is an album to purchase should you be looking for a good introduction into an off-shoot of Techno and House or for a good sampling of various D&B artists. Should you be a die hard Drum and Bass fan, this may provide you with a glimpse of what is taking place on the East Coast if you don’t already know, but it probably won’t put the kick your snare you’re looking for. Again, if you are just interested in an overview of the style, give it a listen, if not move on.

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