Mobb Deep - Murda Muzik 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 17 August 1999

Murda Muzik,
Loud Records
| Performance 8.5 | Sound 8 |

Although it took far too long for this album to hit the streets, this was far from the fault of the Mobb themselves. Due to a record company issue this album’s release was delayed for many months, thankfully, the music hasn’t suffered in the least. Unlike much of current rap, which has a shelf-life of about a week and a half, ‘Muzik’ (just like the Mobb’s first two releases) is built on a solid foundation which should keep it fresh for a long time to come.

It doesn’t hurt that this album features guest appearances from 8-Ball, Kool G. Rap, Raekwon, Nas, and others, but even if it didn’t, the continuation of the Mobb Deep saga is as strong as ever. Mobb Deep is often criticized for a lack of diversity in their music. Critics say that their music is all about guns, drugs, and sex--and these critics may be right. However, Mobb Deep does what they do so well and they do it with such a compelling style and sound, that we simply don’t care. For what they do, they are as engaging as anybody out there, and ‘Muzik’ just confirms that they are at the top of their craft.

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