Various Artists - "The Matrix" Soundtrack 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 30 March 1999

The Matrix Soundtrack,
| Performance 7.5 | Sound 8.5|

I never saw The Matrix but absolutely everyone who has seen it says it was killer. The sharp, futuristic feel of the film is captured on one of the best CD soundtracks I have heard to date. This CD features a who’s who of today’s loudest bands including: Rob Zombie, Rage Against The Machine, Rammstein, Prodigy and many others. The coherence of the production and the emotional feel of the record is a testament to Executive Producer, Guy Oseary’s, status as the hottest ears in Hollywood.

Many of the songs on the CD are hits remixed much like the smoking Rob Zombie "Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Mix". I am still fixated on the German-techno-industrial sounds of Rammstein and their catchy little ditty: "Du Hast". The song that had me dial up CD-Now for a purchase was Lunatic Calm’s "Leave You Far Behind" which features an intensity and wall of sound that I haven’t heard in years from a new band.

If you like it loud and are looking for a well produced sampling of the best techno-rockers on the planet, find yourself a copy of The Matrix Soundtrack.

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