John Lydon - Psycho's Path 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 01 July 1997

Psycho's Path
Dreamworks Records
| Performance 4 | Sound 4.5 |

The aptly titled 'Filthy Lucre' tour not withstanding, it's been years since Johnny Lydon shed the shackles of the Sex Pistol's and the undying legend of Sid Vicious, and after all this time there's always been one thing the world has loved about him. His anger. Even before he and Public Image Limited coined the phrase, we knew that `anger is an energy' just because we heard his voice. It was the voice and anger of someone fueling the fire of the punk revolution. Compiled over the past year or so, "Psycho's Path" is Lydon's first real solo attempt. And 'attempt' is really the only way to name this album. The trend in this world seems to be that everybody mellows with age, but for some reason we hoped Johnny would be impervious to this trend as he was to all others. Unfortunately what this album really features is a `kinder, gentler' almost watered-down Johnny. And that's just not what this world needs. He said that the reason this album took so long to compile was that he was trying different things and myriad sounds. And, while, there are a couple of brief highlights (both the Chemical Brothers and Moby stop by to do some remixing) and some certainly interesting sounds, for the most part this album is an experiment gone awry. Take heart fellow Rotten fans, there is an upside. After all these years, at least Johnny's not afraid to try something new, even if this time it doesn't set the world on fire.

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