Los Umbrellos - Flamenco Funk 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 10 February 1998

Flamenco Funk,
Flex/Virgin Records
Performance Quality = 7 Sound Quality = 6

You just can't take this record seriously. With that said Flamenco Funk from Los Umbrellos may likely be the best bet to load into your car CD player for some lighthearted, fun pop music.

It is important to understand that the front man of Los Umbrellos, Al Agami, is clearly a would-be pimp as shown in the cover art of Flamenco Funk. His two female bandmates, Grith and Mai-Britt, have the chops to kick any member of the Spice Girls ass. Musically, Flamenco Funk is loaded with radio-friendly hits and hook-laden melodies. "No Tengo Dinero," "Easy Come, Easy Go," and "Flamenco Funk" all have the goods to climb the charts.

This is no audiophile recording but screw it. Flamenco Funk is a fun, pseudo-reggae, pop record that is laced with addictive hooks and fun loving songs. I admit the Los Umbrellos concept is kind of silly, but that hasn't stopped me from blasting it a 110 dB with the windows down, while cruising down the Sunset Strip. If your looking for a lift from El-Nino blues, Funk Flamenco could be your potion.

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