Sinead Lohan - No Mermaid 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 11 August 1998

No Mermaid,
Interscope Records
| Performance 6.5 | Sound 7.5 |

Someone told us about this album because they've heard through reliable sources that we support that underground sub-genre of music some call 'whiney chick rock.' In a way, although we might disagree with the generalization, we do like the Sarah McLachlans and the Natalie Merchants of the world (case in point, Ani DiFranco). Nevertheless, just because we might enjoy the genre, it doesn't mean we love every woman with a broken heart and a record deal. Case in point, this album.

This is a very straight forward, non-threatening record. It's not too sad, not too happy, not to mad, and not to sappy. Mostly, it's just there. It starts at one level and basically holds it for almost fifty minutes. In this regard it is reminiscent of Paula Cole's first album, 'Harbinger'--you know, the album that no one bought or heard of until after her second album? 'No Mermaid' has it's moments, but mostly it has a potential. A potential that isn't fulfilled just yet. Perhaps this is due to its debut status, at least that's what we'll say because the record's not that bad. Give it a listen, all the way through, then make your call.

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