Killarmy - Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 05 August 1997

Quiet Weapons For Silent Wars
Priority Records
| Performance 6.5 | Sound 6 |

If you haven't already prepared yourself for the Wu-Tang invasion, you're best advised to get with the program because you're behind the times. The first full-fledged spawn of Shaolin's finest is Killarmy (soon to be followed by Sunz of Man--just so you know). The high points of this album are that nearly all of the members of this camp have the tools to slay MCs with their bare hands. They also use enough samples from the movie 'Full Metal Jacket' to reinforce the central theme of their mission--world domination. We love world domination. Why do you think we're on the internet?

Unfortunately, for the Wu hungry out there, there is but one, lone, quick appearance by an actual Wu-Tang MC, but to penalize Killarmy for that just isn't fair.

It should be pointed out that this album most likely will not kill you on contact. But, then again, neither did "Return to the 36 Chambers." Or for that matter, neither does Napalm or Gang Green.

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