Tha Truth! - Makin' Moves...Everyday 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 11 March 1997

makin' moves . . . everyday,
Priority Records
Performance Quality = 5.5 Sound Quality = 5

The obvious question after reading the name is, "well, are they?" To that it can only be pointed out that the truth is entirely subjective. Sometimes, this group is as good as it gets. Other times the attempts to be the next to achieve TLC-like fame with out declaring bankruptcy or burning down the house get tiring. In rap or R&B the unwritten rule seems to be, when ever unveiling a new group make sure some proven artists are on their album to help establish credibility. Both executive producers Erick Sermon and T-Smoov make sure of this by giving the audience a dose of Keith Murray, Redman, Kenny Green, Erick Sermon himself, New Edition's Ronnie DeVoe, and the writing of Faith Evans. The unfortunate part of this is that this trio from Houston doesn't need any help. Songs such as "What U Do 2 Me," "Don't Rush" and "Candy" slow it down and fully demonstrate what these ladies can do.

As far as production, seamless might be an overstatement, but cohesive isn't a stretch at all. The mixes are tight and it would appear that this is one group that was not created by a mixing board. So, are they really the absolute truth? Maybe not, but who ever said we don't like to be lied to every now and again.

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