Prince - Emancipation 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 19 November 1996

Performance Quality = 6.5 Sound Quality = 7

After a prolonged battle with Warner Brothers records The musical genius formerly known as the most popular performer in the World has released his first record on his own, titled appropriately, Emancipation. A three disc set priced around $25 US, Emancipation boldly answers the question "what has Prince been doing for the past few years?"

The tunes on the record are hit and miss. The strongest songs are "Style", the disco jam "Sleep Around", "Sex in the Summer", "Jam of the year" and "Get your groove on". Some of the weaker songs on the record include "Emale" and "Courtin' Time". My problem with the record in that it is lacking the truly kick ass jams like "Get off", "Continental", "7" and "Endorphin Machine" found on his past few serious studio releases.

One must give some props to the Philly sound remake versions of "La, La, La means I love you" and "Betcha by golly wow" as well as pumping some soul into the Joan Osborne radio hit "One of us." For hard-core Prince fans like myself this record was a no-brainer. I was in line a the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Boulevard at midnight as to be the first in town to get my copy. If you are on the fence on buying this record consider the up side is you get a lot of music for your dollar, unfortunately not all of the songs are up to the level one might expect from a genius like Prince.

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