Jamiroquai - Synkronized 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 08 June 1999

Sony - The Work Group
| Performance-8 | Sound 9 |

Jamiroquai is an Audio Revolution-approved artist. We broke thier last record before his single "Virtual Insanity" made them an international star. Jamiroquai's sound is post-modern, disco-techno with bouncing, funky bass lines, layered vocal harmonies and catchy hooks from singer J Kay. His vocal sound is warm and very analog-sounding. The 1970s influence is obvious but appealing. LP lovers may find Synkronized a favorite record, as it leaves most of the harshness of the digital domain back at the mixing console without losing much in the way of resolution.

The first cut, "Canned Heat," has radio hit written all over it. The baseline and "Theme From Shaft"-esque guitar stylings of "Planet Home" find me playing the cut over and over again. As with Jamiroquai’s last album, this record gives you a complete package with very little filler or simply weak songs. Synkronized has not grown on me as quickly as Traveling Without Moving, but there are plenty of reasons to pick it up. This is a solid record for those who love it warm and funky. When the emotionally aged and musically jaded audiophile writers say they don’t understand Jamiroquai – that means you should run (or click) to the store to get Synkronized.

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