Tab Two - Flagman Ahead 
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Written by Brian Kahn   
Tuesday, 26 September 1995

Flagman Ahead, Virgin Records
| Performance 6.5 | Sound 8 |

This 1995 release by Tab Two is the first I have heard from this German band. Their music crosses the bridge between jazz and R&B, leaning more towards R&B with it’s heavy use of synthesizers and dance oriented rhythms. The lyrics, while sounding slick, are difficult to understand due to the thick accents. The combination of the synthesizers and the accents makes this album a bit less engaging than it would otherwise be.

Those looking for the traditional jazz album probably wont like the progressive sounds they will hear. If you’ve found yourself looking for a more modern jazz album or a R&B album with a jazz influence check this album out. As a R&B album this album is quite enjoyable, the music has good rhythm and should keep bodies moving about the dance floor. Most of the tracks, starting with the opening title track ‘Flagman Ahead’ have an upbeat tempo. ‘Schubertplatz’ midway through the album provides a mellow slow dance rhythm for some variety and the it’s back to a more uptempo jazz beat for the next cut.

The recording is very clean and has some solid low end riffs throughout the disc to make sure your system’s low end is up and running. The audiophile listener may be less than pleased with the constricted soundstaging on this recording but the trumpet and saxophone stand out and should redeem this album for them.

All in all it is a catchy album and I will go out and get a copy for myself as well as check out their self titled 1997 release.

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