Linn To Offer High End SACD Player With Help From Sony 
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Wednesday, 10 April 2002

The Linn “Silver Disk Engine” shown at CES 2002 integrates for the first time the SACD format, ESS Technology's decoding algorithms and navigation software incorporated in its Vibratto™ DVD chip family, and Linn’s audio-video processing capabilities to create the first implementation of this core technology to suit high quality consumer products and play any 12 cm disk. Sony has provided the key CD and SACD playback device which Linn has used in conjunction with ESS’s Vibratto MPEG decoder chip to produce a playback engine that plays the key formats desired by discerning end users. These formats include: CD, SACD and DVD. Many other disk types can be accommodated and full details are available on request from Linn.

In this collaborative venture, Linn will be Sony and ESS’s reference design house supplying this jointly developed high quality solution, which provides easy and desirable interfaces for other high quality manufacturers to hook into. Initially Linn will produce two standard versions (one mid-market and one high end) of this engine, which can be tailored by other manufacturers to suit their audio and video processing and control interfaces. The kits consist of a loader, PCBs, and software and will be made available on an OEM basis from mid 2002.

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