Fluke - Risotto 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 30 September 1997

Astralwerks Records
| Performance 6.5 | Sound 9 |

'Risotto' by Fluke is one of those records which, from the first time you drop it into your player, you realize exactly why you own a high-performance music system. It is an electronic onslaught of sound ranging from penetratingly deep bass to swirling computer-driven effects.

The weakness in most electronic music is normally in the melody or the songwriting, but not here. Fluke's 'Risotto' is among the best of the year as far as providing compelling content to accompany its driving, swirling soundtrack. "Atom Bomb" will likely be your demo track based on its deep bass sounds and catchy lyrics while "Absurd," the lead track on 'Risotto,' is also excellent.

Whether it is a lights dimmed techno session or a 100 MPH jaunt down your favorite road with the top down, 'Risotto' is for you.

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