Paquito D'Rivera - Portraits of Cuba 
Music Disc Reviews Audio CD
Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 14 May 1996

Portraits of Cuba,
Chesky Records
Performance Quality = 7 Sound Quality = 9.5

Add Portraits of Cuba to your reference collection next to JVC's Bill Holman records for best big band recordings. This record is musically spicy and recorded about as good as it gets. It is warm, resolute and present. The songs are jazzy and spicy. The songs are strong from start to finish.

If you like Red Hot and Rio you should pick up this record as well. It's music is more traditionaly Cuban but it shares a similar feel to the Brazilian vibe on Red Hot and Rio. This is a record I only listen to in is entirety. Mix up a killer Martini, kick back and jam.

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