Various Artists - "The Saint" Soundtrack 
Music Disc Reviews Audio CD
Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 25 March 1997

Various Artists,
Paramount - Virgin Records
| Performance 6.5 | Sound 6.5 |

This record is comprised of a who's who in futuristic, techno music. From the melodic Sneaker Pimps and Duran Duran to the more hardcore Moby, Orbital and The Chemical Brothers this record has a wide variety of music to enjoy while you surf the net or to test the performance of your system.

The Audio Revolution reviews a lot of techno and techno pop artists. If you have never bought an Orbital, Orb, Chemical Brothers, Moby, Sneaker Pimps or Juno Reactor record then this record could be for you. It spans the burgeoning genre of techno very well and could lead you to some new artists. Plus techno music is an extreme test for your audio playback system. You may be amazed to the what your hi-fi will do with an Orbital CD.

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