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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 19 October 1999

Interscope, 1999
| Performance 7 | Sound 6.5 |

Primus is back with one slammin’, highly produced bass-driven album entitled Antipop. Now armed with the mainstream popularity that comes from performing the theme to TV’s South Park show, Primus serenades us with a record that takes advantage of the resurgence of metal, pop, funk and rap all packaged together.

Many of the most recent Primus records have been very loose in production, using first takes from studio sessions and expanding on the audible masturbation found on many a progressive rock (Yes, King Crimson) album from the late 1970s. Antipop has strong production values, including creative help from producers like Stuart Copeland (drummer from The Police) Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), Fred Durst (Limp Biskit) Tom Waits and Martine Topley-Bird (Tricky). The result is the best effort yet from Primus.

Musically, Primus is driven by Les Claypool’s slapstick bass lines and esoteric vocal styles. Primus attacks topics like sniffing foreign substances in "Lacquer Head." "Dirty Drowning Man" opens with Flea-like slap bass intro that is simply mind-blowing and finishes with sexy samples and an intensity pressed onto few CDs these days. The title track, "Antipop," is the best bet for an alternative radio hit, as it has the most catchy hook. My favorite track on Antipop is "Eclectic, Electric," an eight-minute epic jam than explores some dark, dingy modern art rock musical motifs.

Primus’ sublabel on Interscope is Prawn Song, a parody of Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song. Primus is never to be taken too seriously, which is much of their appeal. Their music is strange, energetic and clearly unique. There is NO question who you’re hearing when you’ve tuned into Primus. At a time when so many bands sound alike, Primus simply stands out. Antipop is a great introduction to the weird world of Primus and is an essential addition to the serious Primus fan’s collection.

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