Primal Scream - Vanishing Point 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 15 July 1997

Vanishing Point, Reprise Records
Performance 6 Sound 7

Perhaps you've wondered where they've been, or maybe that was just us. In fact, the rumors of this band vanishing off the planet can now be confirmed as just that. Back with their latest release 'Vanishing Point,' Primal Scream reaffirms that if nothing else they're still alive. And, while it was their debut 'Screamadelica' put them on the map, it seems that their second album, 'Give Out But Don't Give Up' is the one that still finds its way into the rotation around here.

The verdict on the latest is mixed. They've pretty much done away with any of the pop feel they had on album number one, but have also pitched any of album two's George Clinton collaborations overboard as well. Truthfully, this band still sounds like they're searching for their identity, which is really rather odd as they always seemed to have one before.

Yes, there are certain songs and instrumentals on this album that shine, but most of those sound like the former Primal Scream not this presently evolving Primal Scream. The album is produced and mixed well and will definitely afford you a number of interesting sounds from all sides, yet we only cautiously recommend this album. Not so much because we are afraid of change, but more because we're not sure if this particular change is complete, final, or even necessary. And, too, if this 'Vanishing Point,' intends to be their own.

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