Dollshead - Frozen Charlotte 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 07 April 1998

Frozen Charlotte,
MCA Records
| Performance 8 | Sound 7.5 |

There are currently a lot of acts following in the highly produced 'chick-rock' genre success of Garbage. One of the best of the recent releases is Frozen Charlotte from Dollshead on MCA Records.

Sierra Swan sets the tone for this effort with her breathy, throaty and sexy vocals. The musical tracks are pop oriented electronica which, pleasantly, never get in the way of the melodies. As a high end audio demo, Frozen Charlotte is a winner. Look to cuts "Letting Me Die," "Perfect Day" and "Idiots Convention" for everything from the aforementioned sexy vocals to complex electronic arrangements to actual vocal harmonies.

Dollshead is a score of a CD if you are prone to like a pop record that makes a highly produced and driving musical bed for a sexy Sierra Swan to lay in.

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