Pope Music - Mozart Symphonies Nos. 40, 29 and 25 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 24 September 1996

Mozart No. 25, 40, 29
| Performance 8 | Sound 10 |

Do you know what scares me away from buying more classical music? It's the fact that I am looking for two tough to find elements in my music. First I am looking for a compelling, if not familiar, melody. A recent class at The University of Southern California has really helped with putting the familiar melodies with the names of the composers however my second criteria of an excellent recording complicates potential classical purchases for me to this day.

The question is when you are looking for the consummate recording of your latest record purchase do you buy a selection of that recording or do you look to the advice of the headbanger working the counter of your record store or have you gotten smart and bought a guide to classical music? I know many of you buy classical music like the uninformed by wine, if the label looks good or the price is high enough then the recording will hopefully be good... right? some times yes more times no. Enter Pope Music.

Generoso Pope III, Pope Music's founder, engineer, producer and spiritual leader has dedicated his life to overcoming the classic audiophile dilemma of great recordings are rarely great recordings and vice e versa. Pope Music's Mozart Symphonies Number 25, 29 and 40 combines a truly excellent recording with many familiar Mozart melodies. From the start to the finish this record satisfies with a recording that boasts a transparent and analytical high end, punchy dynamics and an overall sound that is sure to please. With great resolution and more importantly strong emotional content Pope Music's Mozart Symphonies No 25, 29, 40 are a sure bet!

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