DJ Premier - New York Reality Check 101 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 09 December 1997

Mixed by DJ Premier,
Performance Quality = 7.5 Sound Quality = 4.5

Another album that just showed up for no apparent reason, here is another album we just dig. Everybody complains about how all rap music is the same and how none of it's original. Well, we say that these are the same people who think Gerardo can still make a comeback. Needless to say this album both dispels these ignorant fallacies and let's Gerardo get nowhere near the mic. DJ Premier--best known for his outstanding production skills and his work as Gangstarr's DJ--takes a number of underground artists whom you've probably never heard of and seamlessly weaves them into something far superior to your average mix tape.

No, this album isn't going to make your reference system sing, it was mixed at Premier's house and it sounds like it, but this is part of its appeal. It's an underground mix, it sounds like a tape you found on the E-train, the one you keep beating over and over until you wear it out. This album is a showcase, displaying a number of previously unheralded MCs to the masses. We would like to think that this will result in a few record deals for some of the underground's finest. Still, the Fresh Prince (a.k.a. Will Smith) did win a Grammy this year--so we won't hold our breath.

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