Death In Vegas - Dead Elvis 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 16 September 1997

Dead Elvis
Time Bomb/Concrete
| Performance 7 | Sound 7 |

'And then, one day, we opened our mailbox . . .' That's right, that's exactly how it happened. One day, there this album was. Unrequested, unsolicited, just there. So, we did what any self-respecting publication would do if a wayward stepchild ended up our clutches. We took it, put it on the coffee table in an laughed at how ugly it was.

Then. of course, after we'd used it for a coaster for a while, we figured 'oh, what the hell,' and actually listened to it. Funny thing is, it's good. It's another of those pseudo-trip-hop, DJ laced records. It's actually damn near a soundtrack with no film. As the bio on this groups says, they're not afraid to mix anything. That statement is not misleading. It is difficult to categorize this music other than to say, should you shelve it you'd most likely put it somewhere near your Orbital album, but not too far from the latest Prodigy work. We say give it a listen. And, if you hate it, as usual, blame someone else.

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