Days of the New - Days of the New II 
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Written by Brian Kahn   
Tuesday, 31 August 1999

Outpost Recordings
| Performance 8 | Sound 9 |

This is the second eponymous release from Days of the New, while is shares the same title as their first release, it is a world beyond. The band went through a transformation after the release of the first album. Travis Meeks is the only remaining member of the original band who dispersed and went their own ways due to artistic differences. Fans of the first album and its smash hit ‘Touch, Peel and Stand’ will be pleased to know that Travis’ vocals remain strong and are instantly recognizable.

The second album is musically much more expansive with a multitude of instruments including oboes, cellos, violins among others layered in a complex and experimental manner. The orchestrations range from grand scale melodic to tight guitar and drum driven passages. This album also differs from the first one in that it is a concept album, the songs are intended not to stand out from one another but to flow into each other. It is hard to think of the songs as individual entities as they are cut from the same cloth and belong together. The transition between songs is practically seamless and I did not always know when one track ended and the other began. The lyrics retain the theme of spirituality and introspection.

The sound on this album is much better than average, the mix seems to get everything right. Even with the numerous instruments, vocals, and complex passages, the mix is balanced and all are presented clearly with depth and body. This album may not appeal to those who like their rock straight forward, but if you are willing to experiment and open your mind and spirit to something new, this complex and well integrated music will touch your senses.

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