Das EFX - Generation EFX 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 24 March 1998

Generation EFX,
Eastwest Records
| Performance 7.5 | Sound 8.5 |

After the success of their debut 'Dead Serious' diggidy Das was destined to fall off. It was predetermined by their crossover success. Hardcore fans figured they'd sold out and mainstream America had accepted them only as a novelty. In this spectrum of opinion I assume I was like a great deal of rap fans as I found myself falling somewhere in the middle. I knew Das had some skills, but when album number two came and went I left them for dead. I hadn't even planned on listening to their last album 'Hold It Down' until a friend of mine made me. It was at that moment I realized I was wrong. First of all 'Hold It Down' is outstanding, don't ask just go buy it. Second of all, Das have skills and they are here to stay.

While 'Generation EFX' may not be as good as their last album it is definitely worth a listen. The title track, featuring EPMD and a hook from the 'Rocky' theme is, itself, enough to warrant your perusal. 'Generation' also shows off work with Redman, M.O.P., Nocturnal, and their mentor/executive producer PMD.

This latest release from the underground duo also includes something else of note--some of the mixing, mastering and recording on this CD is outstanding. The intro to this album kicks off with a manhole cover being removed and the sound resonates so clear and crisp you can almost see the heavy metal disc being scraped and dragged across the pavement. On most of the songs this quality maintains its integrity and helps this album take it to a higher level.

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