The Controls - One Hundred 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 09 March 1999

Sm:)le Communications
| Performance 8 | Sound 8 |

To say we can't get enough of good Trip-Hop may be an overstatement, but this album is so good we can't let it slip through the cracks. Featuring seductive vocals so sensual they've got to be a sin and stripped-down back-beats by Mike 'Dub-L' Delaney, 'One Hundred' is an urban soundtrack fit for all. The album is solid from start to finish, mostly filled with the resonance of Ann Colville's stunning voice, and sprinkled with just a touch of hip-hop lyricism from guest rapper Aesop Rock this album succeeds from minute one. To the credit of the producer Dub-L, it is hard to single out any one song that particularly shines, as this an album that flows exceedingly well from one impressive work to the next.

If there is any critique here it won't be found in the mix and master either, but rather just in the length of the album as a whole. At only forty-three minutes long, The Controls certainly embody the old adage of, 'leave 'em wanting more.' Still, for a debut, if this is the only drawback, and to our mind it is, it is a small one. Seek this album out, it will be worth the trek.

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