Cirrus - Back on a Mission 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 25 August 1998

Back On A Mission, Moonshine Music
| Performance 8 | Sound 8 |

Due to the recent stagnation in music--the one that has created both a dearth of new releases and a lack of imagination in those few new albums that do trickle out--we went searching for good music to review no matter how many months ago it was originally released. One of the albums we found is the sophomore release from the break-beat trio from Southern California known as Cirrus. ‘Back On A Mission’ was, in fact, released a few months back and, needless to say, you probably missed it. However, if the new revolution in techno/house/dance music is what interests you, this album should be given serious consideration.

Unlike other, more recent releases such as Cassius all the tracks included on ‘Mission’ are full, deep, accessible, and consistent throughout the entire album. Cirrus seems to have taken their cue from where the Beastie Boys were headed before they regressed into a caricature of themselves. Break-beats and futuristic stylings are to be found lacing ‘Mission’ and it is a disc which provides hope that new music isn’t dead just yet.

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