The Cars - Greatest Hits 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 14 July 1998

Greatest Hits, DCC
| Performance 8 | Sound 8.5 |

If you have happened to wonder in recent years why you haven't heard much from Ric Ocasek or The Cars, this album is your answer. Unlike many other 'Greatest Hits' records, this album is a collection of just that: hits. The reason you haven't heard much from Ric and the boys lately is because--provided they've held on to their publishing rights--they're probably all sitting on a beach somewhere lighting cigars with fresh hundred dollar bills. All of the thirteen songs on this album (save perhaps "Heartbeat City" and "I'm Not The One") are still in radio rotation today.

Better still, for you Cars fans, all of these hits now sound better than ever. The remastering job done for this disc is well above average, easily making this album worth the purchase price. The only drawback here is that The Cars' music has always been rather thin, so even with an exceptional remastering job, you're going to be hard pressed to come away with a sound that will blow you away. However, this album has assuredly more depth than anything The Cars ever released before.

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