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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 03 February 1998

Hypnotic Records
| Performance 6 | Sound 6 |

James Bond on Ecstasy. Why not, they've used him to sell vodkas, cell phones, and BMWs, why not let him pitch his own drug? I choose Ecstasy because it seems to be the current drug of choice among the Electronica set, or so people tell me. It's also a rather touchy-feely, it's-all-good kind of drug that reportedly puts you in a mood to just lounge to the vibe like there is no tomorrow. Of course there actually is a tomorrow and it entails a whole different kind of hangover, but that's another story all together.

What does any of this have to do with this album? Everything. 'Bond, Beat & Bass' is a collection of nine different Electronica artists reworking classic James Bond music. Few cuts feature any lyrics, but all get mellow, baby. Sadly, unlike the man these songs were intended for, many numbers just aren't that interesting.

Yes, it is mixed well, but if you're looking for Electronica there are better options. If you're looking for updated Bond music there are better options; and if you're looking for a good combination of the two check out the Propellerheads version of 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' on the David Arnold James Bond Project.

Reviewed by
Jason Karsh

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