Bally Sagoo - Rising From the East 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 05 November 1996

Sony/Tri-Star Music
| Performance 6 | Sound 6 |

Bally Sagoo is huge in Europe and India. Conservative estimates on sales of his first record were around 1,500,000 worldwide. Bally is the father of the `Bhangra Beat', born in New Dehli and raised in London, Mr. Sagoo has had a huge range of influences from traditional Indian music to American R&B. This record is way different than what you are used to. You will never hear one of these cuts on your top 40 radio station however the music is pop oriented. It has a female vocal, Indian instrumentation, modern effects like samples and a hip hop groove. It is a very interesting listen with the exception of wen the singer goes over the top with the Indian chanting on a cut or two. That is easy to ignore considering the strengths of the record. Bally Sagoo fits in well with your Massive Attack and Tipsy as a non-mainstream record that you may just find irresistible.

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