Badi Assad - Rhythms 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Thursday, 07 November 1996

Chesky Records
| Performance 8 | Sound 6.5 |

I love spicy music. Badi Assad's "Rhythms" fits right in with my collection of Mambo, Salsa and Latin records. You expect a killer recording from Chesky Records and of course you get it. It is present with very believable soundstaging. The overall tonality is better than most audiophile grade records. The liner notes speak of a 128K oversampling rate and tube mic preamps that hot rod the recording process. I don't really care what it is... the record just sounds great. Certainly the best sounding record I own in the genre.

The music is compelling. Every once and a while the tunes go a little "Great chefs of the Southwest" but you never feel the need to skip to the next cut. My two favorite cuts are "Pulo do gato" and the Bobby Mc Ferrin-esque "Rhythms". I couldn't attend the audiophile super-show at the Joint venue of Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas during the recent CES show however Mark Process, the owner and head designer of Audio Matrix, told me Badi was just GREAT! If you like Latin music and you want to light up your hi-fi then this is the record for you.

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