Fiona Apple - Tidal 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 23 July 1996

Sony-Work Records
Performance Quality = 7.5 Sound Quality = 7

Fiona Apple is the latest in a series of sexy female vocalist to capture the media's spotlight. Fiona's music is sultry and song driven. Her voice, unlike the other popular divas on the record shelves, is completely her own. Fiona's production--which is very well done--has her arrangements sounding anywhere from Lyle Lovitt to Tori Amos.

Tidal has a few really strong cuts on it. "Criminal," "Shadowboxer" and "Sleep to Dream" may grace your ears via radio play anytime soon. Tidal is a strong effort throughout, however it does get a bit down tempo towards the end of the record. You have to be in the right mood to get all the way through it. Overall, Fiona Apple is a striking new talent who has put out a record that beckons your attention. We look forward to hearing more from Fiona soon.

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