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Written by Brian Kahn   
Friday, 01 June 2001

David Alan
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David Alan
format: DVD-Audio
label: DTS Entertainment
release year: 2001
performance: 6
sound 8.5
reviewed by: Brian Kahn

This epononymously titled DVD-A is David Alan’s first solo album, being released on the DTS Entertainment label. It contains a DTS track that can be played through a DVD video player, as well as the DVD-Audio track.

As good as the album sounds in DVD-A, it is an example of the current problem with DVD-Audio and HDTV. These formats are capable of great results, but the selection of DVD-Audio discs and HDTV programming is severely lacking. Before going any farther, I must state that this release is a country album and I am not a fan of country music. That said, you might consider the purchase of this disc if country music floats your boat even slightly, because of the dearth of DVD-A discs available for purchase. Until Garth Brooks or Randy Travis albums find their way into the DVD-A format, David Alan will have to do for country music fans with DVD-A players.

Not being a fan of country music, I wasn’t able to connect emotionally with music and therefore I tried to concentrate on the quality of the recording itself.

I found the vocal tracks to be a bit weak and uninspiring on parts of the album. Fortunately, the instrumental tracks were much better. I was particularly impressed with the guitar work here. Albert Lee provides a stellar performance on two tracks, "Marylou" and "The Further She’ll Fly." I also noticed that the famous Fender Telecaster guitar was used throughout the album. Its tone was reproduced very well in this recording.

While I cannot say too much about the country music performance, I feel comfortable in stating that this album is well recorded and mastered, aside from a few lackluster vocal mixes. If you are an early adopter of the DVD-A format and enjoy country music, I recommend that you give David Alan a try. The new DVD-A format has great potential and I am eagerly awaiting a larger and better selection of music for it.

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