CJ Turns 25 and Introduces Limited Edition $36k Power Amp 
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Tuesday, 22 January 2002

Conrad-johnson will celebrate its 25th year with the introduction of a very special limited edition component, the Grand Anniversary Triode Amplifier (GAT), along with two other entirely new power amplifiers.

In order to mark 20 years in the industry, conrad-johnson delivered the ART Preamplifier in 1997. The ART quickly established itself as one of the most critically acclaimed audio products ever, and remains the standard of performance. In celebration of 25 years conrad-johnson is targeting a similar power amplifier design with another limited edition Anniversary product, the Grand Anniversary Triode Amplifier.

The GAT is best described as a buffered SET mono-block power amplifier. Its heart is a 300B triode amplifier. The drawbacks of SET amplifier designs are high output impedance (resulting in radically variable frequency response, depending on the speaker), very low power (a few watts), and attenuated high frequency response (due to limitations in power transformer design).

The GAT solution is to connect the SET amplifier to the speaker through a high-current buffer stage. The current capabilities of this stage give the GAT prodigious power reserves (look for a rating of at least 800 watts). Its low output impedance (on the order of a tenth of an ohm) provides flat frequency response into any speaker load, and eliminates the output transformer highs that extend flat to well above the limits of hearing.

The GAT circuit is executed with the very finest component parts, and is housed in striking and elegant aluminum casework. The GAT is crafted to the highest standards to achieve reference-quality musical performance. Like the ART Preamplifier, GAT production will be limited to just 250 pairs. The projected price is $36,000 per pair and the first pairs will be delivered in Fall 2002.

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