The Who - BBC Sessions 
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Written by Brian Kahn   
Tuesday, 15 February 2000

The Who

BBC Sessions
format: CD
label: MCA Records
performance: 7
sound 5
reviewed by: Brian Kahn

This new twenty five track release from The Who features rare tracks that are sure to be a hit with any Who fan. These tracks were recorded between 1965 and 1973, live in the BBC’s radio studios. These live performances demonstrate The Who’s strength with live performances, playing in less than perfect conditions, with no retakes, no overdubs. The band plays tightly together through many well, and lesser known cuts.

Interspersed throughout the disc are four radio identification jingles based upon popular Who songs, including ones set to Boris the Spider and My Generation. Of course the full length version of these songs are also performed live on the album as well. These broadcasts took place during the time of The Who’s dominance in England. This album captures some of the hits that propelled The Who to the top of the charts, including; ‘My Generation,’ ‘Substitute.’ ‘I’m a Boy’ and ‘Happy Jack.’

The tracks on this album were recorded close to thirty years ago, over a period eight years, in various conditions, in the less than perfect world of a radio studio. Despite the poor recording conditions the songs are very listenable. Missing is some of the depth and detail found on today’s albums, something the younger generation of listeners take for granted now.

The BBC Sessions is a must have for any fan of The Who, as it contains live versions of many hits that are unobtainable elsewhere.

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