Pearl Harbor Sets Home Video Sales Record 
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Written by Bryan Dailey   
Thursday, 13 December 2001

As record companies struggle to figure out why people aren’t flocking to stores to purchase new music on CD, movie studios are raking it in with record setting home video sales.

The latest title to smash sales records is Disney’s Pearl Harbor, generating $130,000,000 in DVD and VHS sales with sales of 3 million units on it’s first day of release. In a time modern smash hit albums are averaging 300,000 to 500,000 copies sold in their first week, home video sales are making these numbers look flaccid, especially considering DVD-Video’s higher retail price.

Strategically released three days before Pearl Harbor Day, the Michael Bay directed film starring Ben Affleck didn’t live up to box office expectations only netting $199 million domestically but it seems likely that the home video will surpass the theatrical sales total before the end of 2001. In case the two different versions that are currently available (The 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition and the Pearl Harbor DVD Gift Set) aren’t enough for you, a newly edited, unrated version will be released May 14th, 2001 in a four DVD set (Vista Series Director's Cut). It will include new visual effects and 12 hours of extras such as a multiangle version of the surprise attack.

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