Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven 
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Written by Brian Kahn   
Friday, 11 February 2000

Tina Turner

Twenty Four Seven
format: CD
label: Virgin Records
performance: 6
sound 7
reviewed by: Brian Kahn

Remember all the ‘70s disco songs loved by all the women at the dance clubs, touting their strengths and independence? Well, Tina Turner’s new album is full of similarly-minded songs for the new millennium.

The album carries the theme of Tina’s strength and independence throughout. It is quite clear that she wants the world to know that she survived all that life has thrown at her, it has made her stronger and now she is self-confident and secure in her position in life.

The song titles suggest the inspirational lyrics contained within each: "All The Woman," "Without You," "Don’t Leave Me This Way" and "I Will Be There." The theme of relationships, particularly the long-term aftermath, is consistent through the album. The songs describe a time after the initial hurt and anger of the breakup, a stage at which there is rebuilding and positive, self-focused energy rather than hurt and anger.

Tina’s singing style suits the lyrics, strong yet not harsh or overbearing. The album is not exactly easy listening, but it is nowhere near as rhythmically driven as some of her more rock-oriented releases. This album is sure to find a strong following among those who have had bad relationships, broken up, and then gone on to thrive on their own.

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