Jagger and McCartney Solo Records Stiff This Week 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 04 December 2001

Never say die but it sure looks like the two big solo records from classic rockers Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney have stiffed. In Jagger’s first week promoting the new album release "Goddess in the Doorway" (Virgin) he sold a measly 68,000 units in the week ended November 25. McCartney's "Driving Rain" (Capitol) opened at No. 26 with 66,000 copies sold the week prior to the Jagger release. It has since tumbled to No. 65 on the charts. Britney Spears just sold over 750,000 units of her self titled album in its first week toppling Michael Jackson’s ironically titled "Invincible" which pumped out a respectable 350,000 units the week before.

The Rolling Stones are still a powerful concert draw and Jagger’s new record borrows a supposedly successful format of duets and guest appearances by big name stars. Case in point – Santana’s Supernatural and Frank Sinatra’s Duets. In the event of "Goddess in the Doorway" Jagger teams up with Lenny Kravitz for the single but has Kravitz mixed so quietly in the tune you can’t hear him even if you really try.

Paul McCartney’s "Driving Rain" has plummeted on the charts after its first week but could see a resurgence in sales with the passing of Beatles guitarist, George Harrison.

Historically, Santana’s Supernatural was released with little fanfare and it took many months to reach Number One on the charts. If either of these new record releases are to make a move they are going to need some serious magic including big singles.

The failure of these two big name acts comes as the music industry suffers losses for the first time in over 10 years. Critics point to the RIAA’s execution of Napster as the turning point. With the tremendous success of DVD-Video having titles like Shrek selling 7 million copies and generating over $111,000,000 in revenue in just 3 days on the street, consumers are clearly willing to spend on prerecorded entertainment despite the recession. It just looks like consumers are more interested in DVD-Video than compact discs.

Source: CNN.com, SoundScan

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