Supreme Beings of Leisure - Supreme Beings of Leisure 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 22 February 2000

Supreme Beings of Leisure

Supreme Beings of Leisure
format: CD
label: Palm Records
release year: 2000
performance: 8
sound 8.5
reviewed by: Jerry Del Colliano

This CD is a score if you haven’t already heard it. The Supreme Beings of Leisure are a funky mix of hip-hop, pop and techno style based on vocal talent, smooth vibes and strong songwriting. The band pull influences ranging from Bjork to Sly and the Family Stone to A Tribe Called Quest and more. Their sound is straight-up haute audio. 

This record has the chic tracks that make for the perfect cocktail party soundtrack. You will assuredly be asked by your guests what it is that you’ve got playing. Both the songwriting and the production on Supreme Beings of Leisure are reminiscent of The Sneaker Pimps and Garbage. The topics frequently refer back to themes of a woman scorned and lifestyle quandaries. The cut "Golddigger" reminds me of my dating situation here in Hollywood. "Last Girl On Earth" is a well-crafted tune of emotional hopelessness. Okay, so this record isn’t a bottle of Prozac, which would normally means it gets panned by me, but SBL prevails. "Strange Love Addiction" is the best single on the record and the most up-tempo jam, featuring a twangy sitar along with a most Garbage-sounding vibe.

This CD fits tighter than a Jean-Paul Gaultier bustier. From an audio quality standpoint, it is very strong, coupling unusual instruments with modern production and dance-techno stylistics. From start to finish, you have a strong contender here. If you like Bjork, Garbage, the Sneaker Pimps or Groove Armada, you will dig on Supreme Beings of Leisure.

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