Sub.Bionic - You I Lov!!! 
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Written by Dan MacIntosh   
Tuesday, 12 February 2002


You I Lov!!!
format: CD
label: Extacy Records
release year: 2002
performance: 6
sound 7
reviewed by: Dan MacIntosh

When a group gives its songs titles like "Last Song On Earth" and "Nuclear Bomb Parade," you can be certain it’s not taking any artistic inspiration from the funny pages.

Sub.Bionic sometimes blurs the line between rock experimentation and music therapy with this downcast collection of songs. Over a mix of sadly strummed acoustic guitars and crying electric leads, singer Jimmy Tuckett aches and bleeds like Thom Yorke of Radiohead when he sings his melodramatic lines, which sometimes also incorporate a Pink Floyd-like touch of cynicism.

In some places, Sub.Bionic suffers from an identity crisis. The sound of its keyboards and the crack in Tuckett’s voice on "Plum" are close – a little too close -- to a Radiohead outtake for listener comfort.

Sub.Bionic is different from the Coldplays and Radioheads of the world because this band hasn’t completely thrown up their hands in surrender to their personal demons. They may be depressed, but there’s still a lot of fight left in them.

This is music of the introverted studio type. Layered keyboard textures, percolating percussion and varied guitar sounds have all been meticulously planned out, rather than derived from jam sessions or repeated live performances.

The song "Love Trans Holistic Bottle" stands out, as it carries with it a tripping psychedelic quality, where wailing guitars and strings (synth strings?) sound almost interchangeable in this particular mix.

When Tuckett sings about how "it doesn’t have to be so cold" in an ironically Gothic-ly chilly voice on "Hush," one wonders if he might actually have the capacity for warmth after all. But he’s like a gambler who won’t ever reveal what’s in his hand, so don’t hold your breath for any last-minute soft-hearted revelations.
A lack of memorable melodies may well keep Sub.Bionic at the B-level of the moody modern alternative rock food chain. Bands like Radiohead and Coldplay have had alternative rock hits, mainly because they make music you can hum along with, at the same time you’re plowing through a Kleenex box.

Sub.Bionic’s inability to leave a lasting impression with its debut ultimately makes this a sub-par first effort.

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