Stone Temple Pilots - No. 4 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 26 October 1999

Stone Temple Pilots

No. 4
format: CD
label: Atlantic Records
release year:
performance: 7
sound 7
reviewed by:

Stone Temple Pilots are living out rock’s most ironic stereotype. Scott Weiland, STP’s front man is currently incarcerated on drug charges. Weiland has been addicted to heroin for years and after missing a number of court dates, the powers that be, decided to throw the book at him. The tragedy of that decision is No.4 is a kick ass – hard hitting rock and roll record and STP will not be able to tour to support it.

STP doesn’t dramatically change their sound for No. 4. They have a raw, edgy guitar driven sound that is far from wimpy. Their songs, as illustrated by "Down" the single from No.4, are generally based on rifts and end up with a catchy hook. The end result is highly popular and musically relevant. "Glide" shows Weiland can exercise his higher registers which proves he is a bit of an underrated singer. The rawest cut on the record is "Sex and Violence" which has a driving beat and an obvious Sex Pistols punk influence along with a little early Bowie in Weiland’s vocals. The chorus does get back to a juicy hook which of course makes for a potential hit record.

No. 4 is a really strong rock and roll record which adds to my philosophy that is it, once again, cool to rock hard in a funky place. If you dig it loud, but require stronger songwriting than you’ll find with trendy acts like KORN and Limp Bizkit, No.4 is for you. No. 4 is no sonic marvel in regards to recording quality. It is heavy and hard hitting but it isn’t going to light up your hi-fi with a sugary sweet midrange. This is a down and dirty record which is exactly why you should buy it.

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