Rush - Different Stages: Live 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 10 November 1998


Different Stages
format: CD
label: Atlantic Records
release year:  
performance: 8
sound 7
reviewed by: Jerry Del Colliano

Girls don't dig art rock. In high school, I played many a Rush cover-song in front of thousands of screaming (in pain?) 'Battle of the Bands' attendees in the desperate hope of attracting the opposite sex with my best Alex Lifesen imitation. It boils down like this: nothing makes young women head for the exits better than a bad cover of a good art rock anthem. I feel better now that I have shared that with you.

Dedicated to the Neal Peart's daughter and wife who both passed away in the last year, 'Different Stages: Live' is Rush's forth live release in their 20-plus year, storied career. One of the consummate progressive rock power trios, Rush's 'Different Stages' chronicles the best of Rush live from the glory days of art rock in 1978 at Hammersmith Odeon in London (disc 3) to later performances which encompass EVERY great Rush song.

If you like Rush but are unlikely to buy all of their 20-plus studio records, 'Different Stages: Live' could be for you. Every song you need is here for you with performances that are very tight and sounds that range from good-for-a-live-record to much better than average. The highlight of the CD comes on Disc 2 with a three song ending of "The Spirit of Radio," "Tom Sawyer" and a killer "YYZ."

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