Lou Reed - Perfect Night: Live in London 
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Written by Jason Karsh   
Tuesday, 21 April 1998

Lou Reed

Perfect Night Live In London
format: CD
label: Reprise Records
release year: 2003
performance: 7
sound 8
reviewed by: Jason Karsh

If Neil Young is the accepted 'Grandfather of Grunge,' what exactly does that make Lou Reed? The last, interesting male folk singer? Perhaps the last of the white, urban chronicle-ists of the baby-boomer set? Well, no matter what category you want to squeeze Lou Reed into just know that long after both you and he are gone, his musical influence will live on. Inside this CD's liner notes is the brief story of how this recording came about, told by Lou Reed himself. Without retelling it entirely, it is safe to say that he is definitely right about one thing; he and the band sound great. For the sound alone this album is worth a listen.

However, it would be unfair to call this album 'perfect,' for while Lou and his mates do sound great, their set list leaves a little lacking. First of all, there are a couple of songs which simply unimpress and, second, there are two glaring track omissions. True, both "Romeo & Juliet" and "Wild Side" were--and continue to be--popular, but they are classic, unforgettable Lou Reed numbers which shouldn't be left out of any so-called 'perfect night.' Thankfully, "Busload Of Faith" and a nearly six minute version of "Dirty Boulevard" really serve to cushion the blow and make this album worth the effort.

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